A major cinema chain in the States has revealed plans to upgrade 1500 of its screens with the ability to show 3D movies.

Regal Entertainment Group has reached a deal with RealD 3D in a move that's being described as the largest ever commitment to 3D by any cinema chain and will see the total number of screens running RealD's 3-D technology to over 3500.

This upgrade announcement follows the recent news that the movie industry is looking more towards 3D to grab consumer's attention with a raft of 3D films planned for the coming year or so.

Last month DreamWorks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg announced plans to make all of Dreamworks' future films in 3D. The company's latest animated movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, will open in the US in March 2009 and be shown in 3D where available.

In addition, Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 3, and Avatar from James Cameron are due to be in cinemas soon, all offering the movie-goer a 3D experience.

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