It may not be confirmed, and both companies are keeping very quiet, but none other than Reuters is reporting that HBO's content could soon be coming to iTunes.

Rumour has it that the two companies are in discussions now; but that episodes of HBO shows will be sold at the standard price of $1.99 per episode or higher.

If a higher rate is agreed, it'll be the first time Apple has agreed to selling TV shows at different prices in the US, as opposed to sticking with its standardised model.

This was, in fact, one of the key reasons why NBC Universal is alleged to have pulled its content from iTunes.

Its execs apparently wanted different prices for old and new content to help promote its back catalogue of episodes.

For HBO, however, it'll be its first foray into selling shows as digital files and it is expected that episodes will be made available on iTunes when the whole series has been shown and the DVD boxsets are put on the shelves.

And it seems the deal could be announced as early as tomorrow so watch this space.

UPDATE: Looks like it's official chaps.

HBO content including Rome, SATC, The Sopranos and The Wire are amongst the shows on offer with prices from $2.99 (and there are grumbles about this already).

Check out iTunes now for the selection.