Over in the States Pioneer has announced a new line of Kuro plasma flat screen displays with 50-inch and 60-inch 1080p models revealed.

The new Kuros reduce the display's idle luminance and improve black levels five times over the previous 2007 models which also means colour can be displayed more richly too.

The new televisions have also been slimmed down and measure 3.7-inches thick, reduced by nearly 20%. Also new for the range is a redesigned remote control and improved high definition graphic user interface.

The displays also offer Networked Home Media Gallery for playback of digital assets such as HD movie, music and photos from a PC or via USB and are DLNA compatible.

Pioneer has built-in six sound settings – standard, movie, sports, performance, game, dynamic – to ensure a listening experience that is "specifically in tune" with what you're watching and offer auto volume stabilisation for channel hopping, adverts and different input types.

The Kuros also have a unique automatic adjustment feature called "Optimum Mode" that monitors video and room light conditions and adjusts the picture and sound settings according.

SRS WOW HD technology incorporating SRS Definition is chucked in too that claims to add to the virtual surround sound effect and produces clearer, more precise audio in mid to high frequency levels.

The new Kuro range will get a UK launch in a couple of weeks, so we will bring you full tech spec, pricing and availablity then.

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