Pioneer has announced that it is expanding its Kuro strategy across new display technologies with the introduction of its new Elite Kuro projector, that claims to deliver the same "industry-leading" black levels and 1080p picture performance that Kuro plasmas do.

Developed specifically for the custom-install market, the Elite Kuro projector is configured for high-end cinematic installations and supports advanced calibration.

The projector features various viewing modes – standard, dynamic and movie – that incorporate the Kuro "benchmark" of deep black levels and rich colour.

"We have built upon the success of our KURO plasma displays designed for the HD home theater consumer and are now addressing the custom HD home cinema consumer", said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and product planning, home entertainment business solutions group for Pioneer.

Designed for dedicated home cinema rooms, the Elite KURO projector incorporates LCoS 1080p technology which is said to produce one of the highest native contrast ratio and "superlative" picture performance.

Pioneer's Elite Kuro projector will begin shipping in June 2008 for a suggested price of $9000 and will be available via Pioneer's Elite dealer channel in the States, no news just yet on a UK release.

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