Sony has come out today saying that the reason it won the Blu-ray format against Toshiba's HD DVD format was because of the PS3 rather than any other market factor.

However while one Sony spokesperson from SCEE confirmed that Blu-ray was a success, a spokesman for Sony Pictures confirmed that PS3 gamers weren't impressed with the new movie format.

"3.3 millions discs have sold to date with 1.4 million of those this quarter", the spokesman confirmed, suggesting that the pick up rate is less that one per Blu-ray player sold (Sony announced that it has sold 5 million PS3 consoles in Europe).

The comments come just days after the NPD Group retail sales tracking data show sales of Blu-ray standalone players have decreased drastically since the beginning of the year.

According to the results standalone Blu-ray player unit sales in the States dropped a whopping 40% from January to February and saw just a 2% increase between February and March, according to NPD.

Sony has also confirmed that "Men In Black", staring Will Smith, will be the first BD-Live title available outside the US. The title will launch on the 16 June in the UK.