BenQ has expanded its full 1080p HD projector lineup with the introduction of two new "cinema class" projectors, the W20000 and W5000.

Featuring BenQ's "Senseye" technology, Texas Instruments' 1080p DLP DMD chipset, and HQV video processor at a 20000:1 contrast ratio for the W20000 and 10,000:1 for W5000 the models claims to have the tech to offer a full 1080p HD experience.

Both projectors feature four viewing modes (Cinema, Dynamic, Standard, and Photo) and three memory slots for consumers to calibrate their own preferred settings.

Noise levels come in at 25dB, each model offers two HDMI slots while Texas Instruments' BrilliantColor and Philips' ViDi lighting technology with the display brightness at 1200 ANSI lumens means BenQ promise good, bright colour reproduction.

Both models are on sale in the UK now, the W20000 costs £2,499 while the W5000 is £1399.

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