The DVD-D disc format from a German company is a standard DVD that can be used only for 48 hours after the cardboard sleeve has been opened as, when this time period expires, it self deletes.

The DVD-D claims to provide the full DVD experience with digital quality and sound, choice of languages and interactivity, slow motion, forward, backward and is suitable for any type of content.

Compatible with any type of DVD drive, so standard DVD players, DVD-ROM drives, DVD game devices, it does not require any hardware changes to use.

Once purchased, the sleeve can be opened anytime up to several years after the film was bought. We're a little woolly on the science, but it appears to be a chemical process to do with the disc being exposed to air.

The DVD-D works exactly like a standard DVD till its viewing time window is finished. When the disk has started, it can be played 'til the end, even if the 48 hours is up, but then if a user tries to play the disk after this, the DVD player will display "NO DISC".

These limited time DVDs are already on the market in France, Italy and Scandinavian countries and are angled as an alternative to movie rentals, without the bother of returning the disc.

The eco qualities of this innovation may seem a little iffy, but the cardboard sleeve is recyclable, the company are quick to point out.

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