A new study from media research firm Interpret has revealed that 60% of US consumers are aware of Blu-ray disc format as the number of households in the States with a BD-disc player crosses the 10 million mark.

The survey of consumers age 18-54 was conducted in mid-January, after Warner Home Video went Blu, but before Toshiba dumped the rival HD DVD format.

Among men 18-34, typically the "early adopter" demographic, Blu-ray awareness is at 76%, the Interpret study found.

Awareness is at 56% in Great Britain, 49% in Germany, 45% in Japan and just 30% in France.

An Interpret exec said, the Blu-ray-backing companies "still have a lot to do. The format war is over, and they've taken Blu-ray from zero to majority awareness, but it doesn't get easier from here, unfortunately".