The new Cinergy T USB XXS is TerraTec’s latest DVB-T tuner for digital TV via your computer.

Users simply have to connect the stick into an available USB port, install the TerraTec Home Cinema software - and then can watch TV through their PC.

An antenna and a remote control are included and it also comes with an antenna adaptor that connects the stick to a home rooftop antenna.

The software bundled with the device allows users to timeshift TV programmes and a digital recording with edit function is also included.

Computers will come out of standby or hibernation mode when needed and then go back into hibernation once the recording is completed.

Additional tools include automatic adjustment of the aspect ratio, recording of Dolby Digital, video text and subtitles, individually adjustable lists of favourites (genre, location) as well as picture-in-picture and network streaming.

The Cinergy T USB XXS is available for £29.99.