UK hi-fi specialist Arcam has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it is working on a Blu-ray player now the format war has come to an end.

The comments came from a spokesman for the company as the company showed off its new £1400 upscaling DVD home cinema system the Solo Movie 2.1.

However, before you get excited about an imminent launch, the bad news is Arcam has said it is unlikely to be releasing anything until 2009 at the earliest.

Why so long? Well, according to Arcam, because it is having to build the technology for its player (something it has done for its CD and DVD players) from the ground up rather than going the easy route and buying in the technology from a different supplier and rebadging it.

The company also blame wasted time developing a dual Blu-ray HD DVD player, something that we were told "Is no longer on the cards". We will keep you posted...

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