The world's first ever advert is to be broadcast to extra terrestrial life.

Doritos, as part of its new "You Make It, We Play It" initiative, is asking the British public to shoot a 30-second ad that will be beamed past the earth's atmosphere and into the universe, to anyone out there that may be watching.

The space-bound ad will be broadcast from a 500MHz Ultra High Frequency Radar from the EISCAT Space Centre in Svalbard, Norway - leaving any ETs with the impression that we're snack-worshiping weirdos, no doubt.

The transmission is being directed at a solar system 42 light years away from Earth with planets that orbit its star
"47 Ursae Majoris". 47 UMa is located in the Ursa Major Constellation, also known as the Great Bear or Plough.

It is apparently very similar to our sun and hosts a habitable zone that could potentially harbour small terrestrial planets and support life similar to ours.

The filmmaker responsible for the winning ad will also win £20,000. Entries to the competition can be submitted via the Doritos website ( by 18 May.