According to a new survey, the UK is leading the way in Europe for sales of high-definition DVDs.

The report has been published by DEG Europe, which is a non-profit body, which promotes awareness of DVD and HD formats across Europe.

It used market research from GfK and has revealed that DVDs being sold in Europe increased 85 fold between 2006 and 2007 and is expected to rise "exponentially" into 2008.

And 34% of total next generation DVD sales are in the UK.

Sales of standard definition DVDs had an increase in volume sales of just 4.2%.

Yves Caillaud, senior vice president international, Warner Home Video, speaking for DEG Europe, said: "In 2007, we saw over 2.5 million units of high definition DVDs sold within Europe".

"To put this in context, when compared to the
transfer from VHS to DVD in 1998, only 1,480,000 DVDs were sold in the first year. This clearly demonstrates the rapid consumer adoption of HD technologies."

Sales of next generation DVD players also boomed - with 11,100 units sold in January 2007 which soared to 124,000 by
December 2007.

But standard players still dominate because of, suggests Caillaud "...confusion over the formats available, a lack of education and the fact that SD players are the
cheapest they have ever been, averaging at just £37 a player".

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