Hitachi has announced a whole new range of flatscreen TVs, which are claimed to be 60% thinner than conventional models.

The UT series have a 35mm profile and weighing as little as 10.9kg.

They are claimed to be the first on the market to deliver 360 degree styling, which means they look good from every angle.

The range comprises a 32-inch HD model (the UT32MH70) and 37- and 42-inch 1080 HD format TVs (the UT37MX70 and UT42MX70).

The 32-inch will be available in April with the other models following in May and June, though we don't have prices yet.

All models can be wall mounted and will be sold with a table top stand. An optional floor stand is also available.

Hitachi also plans to launch a dedicated digital tuner to compliment the UT series in October.

Initially, owners will be able to attach their TV to existing satellite, cable or Freeview digiboxes, games consoles and other multimedia devices, via an HDMI connection.

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