panicking that it will be left with shelves full of HD DVD products, following today's announcement that Toshiba is pulling the plug on the format, has slashed the prices to a bare minimum.

The entry-level player, the HD-EP30 is now selling for just £80, a saving of £170 while customers at will be able to get it from £77.99.

Those looking to spend even more money on a dead horse will be able to get the HD-EP35 for £159.99 - a saving of £190.

Retailers aren't the only ones trying to off load stock, early adopters who've bought into the format clearly want out.

eBay is currently listing 4405 items for sale when you search for HD DVD.

However before you snigger at the price cuts, don't forget that the Toshiba player is actually a very good DVD upscaler.