We managed to get a play with the new Archos TV+ at the UK launch.

The new model, which will cost £179.99 for the 80GB model and £249.99 for the 250GB model, will go up against Apple TV.

It combines a Wi-Fi media player with a 250GB hard drive to allow you to stream or store movies, music, photos, podcasts and web video under your TV.

However users looking to take advantage of the device's internet browser capabilities will have to pay an additional £19.99.

The same will be the case for the H.264 plug-in and the MPEG2 plug-in.

The unit will offer the ability to transfer content directly to an Archos portable media player with promised speeds of 10 minutes for a 2-hour movie.

The player, like the Archos PMP range, supports most file formats, although appears by the released specs sheets, not to support DivX.

Plug-in dependent, supported formats include: MPEG4, WMV, H.264 up to DVD resolution and AAC sound, and MPEG2 MP@ML up to 10Mbps and AC3 stereo sound.

Connectivity features include: Wi-Fi, stereo analog, composite, S-video, RGB, YPbPr (component), Ethernet, USB, SPDIF and HDMI.

We will have a full review of the device in the next couple of days.