TCI has launched a new range of HDMI cables for which they guarantee HDMI 1.3a and full 1080p performance up to 20m.

The TCI Copperhead range is available in extra long lengths, and are said to be especially suited for use with ceiling mounted projectors.

The 1m cable is £99.99; the 2m £129.99; the 5m is available for £199.99; and the 7.5m cable £274.99.

The company also provides a 10m cable for £349.99; a 15m length for £449.99, and finally the 20m cable for £549.99.

The cables feature magnetically shielded metal HDMI plugs.

TCI adds that they will carry Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, Deep Color, x.v.Color and Auto Lipsync and CEC.

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