The Overture range of flat screen mounts are claimed to be designed "so that almost anyone can install and operate them easily".

In fact, the manufacturer Ixos, says that users can have the mount from box to wall in 15 minutes.

To aid installation, the brackets come with an easy-levelling system which allows users to easily adjust the bracket to make sure the TV set is perfectly level (even if holes in the wall are slightly wrong).

There are two different models - the Overture Large XHM468 is priced £449.99 and can take up to 90kg in weight while the Overture Medium XHM464 is £349.99, and can take up to 70kg.

The mounts will take up to 65-inch screens, and are constructed from die-cast aluminium and steel with a cable management system built-in.

The mounts can be tilted for different viewing angles, extended and retract to flat when not in use.

Movement is controlled by the Ixos's Easy Touch mechanism, which "needs no spanners or knobs to adjust the position".

Ixos adds that all of its mounts are weight tested to at least four times their rated weight capacity.

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