As much as I would like to be able to claim I was there at the Sundance Festival for the first showing of this latest offering from supergroup U2 - sadly I was not.

But I sat in the IMAX theatre in London with what seemed like most of the capital's journalists to watch this first foray in 3D for Bono's band.

The film crew followed the band for the final leg of the Vertigo tour in South America, and captured them from a multitude of high-tech cameras as they belted out all of the old favourites.

The resultant 3D film is claimed to be "a quantum leap beyond traditional concert films ... giving audiences the palpable thrill of actually being at a U2 concert".

Viewers actually ducked as water seemed to fly their way from the screen, and I distinctly felt like the bobbing crowds' fingers were going up my nose - so close did they feel.

U23D will open in IMAX 3D and Digital 3D cinemas across the UK and Ireland on 22 February.

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