The end of the analogue television is upon us, as major electrical retailer, the DSG group who owns Currys, PC World and, has said that it will no longer be selling analogue televisions in the UK.

Following a similar decision in 2004 when the company phased out the sale of VCRs, the company has said today that the move, which will take immediate effect, will mean it is the first high street chain to terminate all purchases of analogue televisions.

The group has said that it will offer buyers of remaining analogue televisions the option of a digital set-top box to ensure that the televisions are capable of receiving digital broadcasts once switchover takes place.

Peter Keenan, managing director of Currys, said: “We believe that it is appropriate to ensure that our customers are able to select from a future-proof range of televisions. Integrated digital televisions are relatively simple to operate, offer superior technology and are an important window on the digital future. They are now available for less than £150 from our stores”.

Today, a third of televisions (32%) sold in the UK are still analogue, however the government is aiming to have everyone capable of receiving a digital signal either via their television or a set-top box by 2012.

In Autumn 2007 the government started the digital switchover in Whitehaven, Cumbria and will eventually turn off the analogue signal in the UK making digital television the standard for all UK households.

The Borders region will be the first major geographical area to switch to digital transmission later this year.

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