Toshiba's woe's hit another low point with the announcement that another movie studio has dropped the format in favour of Sony's Blu-ray format.

Porn label Digital Playground is the latest studio to move exclusively to Blu-ray despite initially choosing HD DVD due to issues over being allowed to publish films on the Sony format.

It has now announced that it will be launching eight titles on the format next month to complement its big budget high-def porn fest "Pirates" based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

The next eight titles to be released are: “Island Fever 4”, “Babysitters”, “Island Fever 3”, “Jack’s Teen America 3”, “Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak”, “Hush”, “Contract Star” and “Jesse Jane in Pink”.

Why the switch? Because PS3 owners have been, according to the founder of Digital Playground, emailing in asking for content.

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