Sling Media has announced an update to its SlingPlayer, the launch of a Sling Cable modem and SlingCatcher, a product first announced this time last year at CES in Las Vegas.

SlingCatcher seen as a “reverse Slingbox” to deliver video to TVs located around the home as well as in remote locations rather than merely streaming TV to your laptop has now been priced (again) and given a Q2 release date. The year old device will this time cost a reported $250, $50 more than last year.

However the device will now support virtually every format including XviD, DivX, WMA, H.264.

Sling Media has also said that it will introducing a new device at the same time called the SlingLink Wireless for $49.99. SlingLink Wireless is an optional 802.11g USB adapter designed for use with the SlingCatcher.

The company's software also gets an update. SlingStream 2.0 will offer improved audio/video quality as well as offer something Sling Media are calling Clip+Sling that allows you to buffer up to 60 minutes for pausing like Sky+. You will also be able to grab 5 minutes of TV clips from the system and share them via a yet-to-be released service.

SlingPlayer 2.0 will be available in Q1 at no cost to Slingbox owners.

The company has also announced a Cable Modem.