Sharp has announced a that like other manufactures at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, its televisions are going "Connected".

The company has used its press conference on the day before the show officially starts to outline its next generation of LCD televisions complete with a new technology it's calling AQUOS Net.

See in the new “Special Edition” SE94 AQUOS Series the new television is headlining the company’s wide breadth of TV offerings, which also includes a myriad of styles of AQUOS LCD-TV’s, ranging from new 720p AQUOS models in 32- and 37-inch screen size classes, through 65-inch 1080p Full HD screen class sizes, as well as a series specifically intended for gamers.

The new AQUOS Net feature will bring Internet content and remote diagnostics to AQUOS LCD TVs at, according to Sharp, the touch of a button, and allows users to connect to widgets giving news and other information.

Using this service, viewers can potentially configure “widgets” to check, for example, the local weather forecast, get stock quotes or even follow their favorite comic strip, while watching television, all directly from the TV’s remote control

The new AQUOS SE94 widescreen AQUOS LCD-TV series will be available in 65-, 52- and 46-inch screen screen sizes, has a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 27,000:1, offers 120Hz frame rate conversion, and comes with Sharp’s new proprietary 10-bit ASV panel provides more accurate colour and the industry-leading 4ms response time ensures flowing motion in fast-action scenes.

Additionally, all the units include 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs as well as dual HD component terminals.

The LC-65SE94U and the LC-52SE94U will be available in January costing $10,999.99 and $4,199.99 respectively. The LC-46SE94U will be available in February and cost around $3,199.99.

The company also launched the AQUOS Widescreen 1080p HDTV LC-52D74U television. This new 52-inch Full HD1080p TV features an 18,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, a pixel response time of 4 ms, and the new AQUOS Net feature.

It too will have three HDMI inputs as well as two HD component terminals. The LC-52D74U will be available in April and cost around $3,599.99.

In connection with the new televisions Sharp has also announced the debut of several PLC (Powerline Communication) adapters that allow users to stream the internet around their house via the powerlines in the wall and a plug socket.

The company also launched the AQUOS HDTV D64U Series (models LC-37D64U and LC-32D64U) in 32- and 37-inch screen sizes and the AQUOS Widescreen 720p HDTV Series (models LC-37D44U and LC-32D44U) in 37- and 32-inch models.

The LC-37D64U will be available in February and cost $1,599.99 and the LC-32D64U will be available in this month and cost $1,299.99.

The LC-37D44U will be available in February for and cost around $1,299.99 and the LC-32D44U will be available in January and cost of $999.99.