Pioneer has launched a new concept as apart of its Kuro range of screens that is just 9mm thick.

Called Project Kuro, the new concept is a 50-inch model that makes Hitachi and JVC's newly announced 38mm thin televisions look decidedly fat.

Although not commercially available this year, Pioneer says that the new model will weigh 18.6kg.

In addition to a thin television, the company also showed off an Extreme Contrast Concept that it says will challenge the contrast ratio debate.

Unveiled at the show the company is showing the industry’s first plasma that is absolute black with no measurable light emitting from the television.

Pioneer say the display is so black that even when it is on with no image displayed, the television is invisible when you walk into a completely dark room.

“Thanks to the self emitting principle of plasma, we were able to crack the code on plasma luminance. Pioneer technology has advanced to the point where we have achieved virtually zero idling luminance in more than six million cells, previously thought to be impossible. The result is, in essence, absolute black with no measurable light coming from the television. For consumers, this creates the experience that the image is floating in space, with a picture that has exceptional detail and vivid colour", said Yoichi Sato, senior executive officer and chief technology executive at Pioneer.

We will keep you posted.

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