Venturer's SHD7001 standalone HD DVD player, announced at IFA, has finally become available in the UK on the televised shopping channel, QVC.

We've known this player was due to go on sale today, but what was not revealed previously was the pricing, that is a low £169.62.

Offering 1080i video output via a direct HDMI connection to your HD ready TV, the SHD7001 offers Dolby TrueHD (5.1 channel) sound, is backwards compatible with DVDs that it can upscale and comes complete with an Ethernet cable in order to let you take full advantage of HD DVD's interactive features.

The bargain player also comes with an HDMI cable, is bundled as standard with two HD DVDs, "Hulk" and "Troy", and thanks to a special offer from the European HD DVD group, also comes with a mail-in offer for five more HD DVDs for absolutley nought.

When this player was announced it was described as a price-war winning player. There are Toshiba HD DVD options available for around the £200 mark, but with all the extras bundled in, this price is practically giving the format away.

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