Families in the UK are enjoying the lowest prices for their telephone, broadband and television services in Europe.

According to a survey published by Ofcom, British families are taking advantage of bundle deals on the three services, and, in 2006, benefitted from the lowest "triple play deals" when the prices of similar packages in France, Germany, Italy and the US were compared to UK prices.

By March this year, around 40% of households had bundles of this kind, compared with 29% at the same time last year.

This may have been impacted by the introduction of bundles last year by BSB, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Media.

It was the latter that the Ofcom reports offered the best value triple play deal of 2006. Virgin Media's offer of fixed-line phone, broadband and cable TV was just £25 per month.

A similar package in France would cost £27.22 per month, £34.94 in Italy, £39.77 in Germany and £69.54 in the US, according to the watchdog.

However, the report did point out that a retired couple in the UK will pay the most for their fixed-line phone deal as compared with retired couples in France, Germany, Italy and the US.

The report also took in the take-up of digital TV. By the end of 2006, 76% of UK households had digital TV, compared with 67% in Japan and 61% in the US. France, Germany and Italy were also lower compared to the UK.

However, our broadband take-up is less impressive. Only 52% of UK households had high speed internet access last year, compared with 74% in the Netherlands.

And staying with internet usage, the report added, interestingly, that the US is the only country surveyed where more women than men were found to use the Internet.

The UK had the second highest female internet usage.