D-Link says it has "raised the stakes" in the market for wireless media players with the UK launch of the D-Link DSM-510 Wireless MediaLounge player, which has been optimised for the Intel Viiv processor platform.

The DSM-510 is a compact media player that can stream video, digital photos and music to TVs and home entertainment centres from computers over a home network via a wired or 802.11 b or g Wi-Fi connection.

The player can also stream high-definition quality video through a wired network connection.

The DSM-510 has received Intel Viiv verification, so it will play nice with Intel Viiv technology-based PCs.

There is access to the Intel Viiv Zone, which offers a selection of on-demand, internet-delivered content, including movies, music videos, TV shows, and information services.

Complete with remote control and "easy-to-navigate" TV user interface this also works with standard Windows XP computers through Microsoft's Windows Media Connect.

As well as HDMI and Composite Audio and Video outputs, the DSM-510 features Optical Digital Audio with support for 5.1 Channel Audio.

And if lack of DivX support really gets your goat, then fear not, as the MediaLounge is also DivX Home Theatre Certified, and will play all your lovely DivX encoded movies.

Other supported video formats are MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, XVID with MP3 or PCM, AVI (MPEG4 layer only) and DVR-MS. Audio formats are MP3, WAV Audio, WMA and AIFF (PCM only) and Ogg Vorbis. Image formats supported are JPEG and JPEG2000, TIFF 9 (RGB only), non-compressed BMP, PNG and GIF.

Also included are a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet controller, 802.11g wireless networking support and a USB 2.0 port.

The D-Link DSM-510 MediaLounge is available immediately for £189.99.