HD DVD has announced that fans are "tapping into" the web-enabled communities offered by HD DVD.

"Transformers" from Paramount Home Entertainment and
"Heroes: Season One" from Universal Home Entertainment are among the titles that saw significant online usage of the web-connected features in the States.

"Transformers" had more than 80,000 unique online users, with 31% returning to download additional content as it became available.

Universal's current web-enabled titles, which include
"Heroes: Season One", "Knocked Up", and "Evan Almighty", saw an average of 30% of HD DVD purchasers going online to download content and connect with other fans.

"We've only scratched the surface in offering web-connected experiences to fans of hit movies and TV shows, so it was great to see so many connecting online for these titles", said Ken Graffeo, executive vice president of HD strategic marketing for Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group.

"As more titles from the HD DVD studios include access to downloads, trailers and community pages, the owner of any HD DVD player can take advantage of these web-connected experiences."