KEF has launched a range of KEF Instant Theatre (dubbed "KIT"), products that are described as simple to use, but promised to deliver high-end performance.

The KEF KIT140 or 120 packages are £1200 and £1500 respectively, and are made up of four "groovy-looking" boxes with high-gloss black finishes, and give you a complete surround sound home cinema system.

Using virtual surround sound technology via NXT panels, KEF's proprietary Uni-Q devices for wider dispersion, along with HDMI connectivity, KEF says these compact systems offer "the delights" of home cinema without the normal tangle of wires as they offer single cable connection between each component.

Both comprise two main loudspeakers, a subwoofer with integral power amplifier, and a matching compact DVD/CD player incorporating HDMI technology. Both are available in matt silver or high gloss black.