Total Blu-ray disc movie sales across Europe have topped one million units, the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee has announced.

According to Gfk data, out of the HD movie discs bought by consumers year-to-date in Europe, 73% were Blu-ray and 27% were HD DVD.

The Committee says that the one million unit milestone relates to movies only and that if PS3 games were included they'd be past 21 million units.

Here's a plethora of quotes from various self-congratulatory Blu-ray related execs:

Frank Simonis, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc European Promotions Committee:

"This is an important milestone for Blu-ray Disc in Europe and proves once again that whenever consumers have the choice they decide overwhelmingly in favour of BD. Early indicators show that the Christmas holiday season will be exceptionally good for Blu-ray Disc across all categories from packaged media to standalone players and BD capable games consoles."

Bob Chapek, worldwide president, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment:

"Blu-ray will inevitably prevail because Blu-ray delivers what consumers want: True High Definition picture without compromise, the best sound quality, the best choice in content, the most in special features, and of course the most disc storage capacity. No tradeoffs. No compromises."

Mike Dunn, worldwide president, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:

"I think European consumers realize the future is 'Blu.' The certainty that Blu-ray will be the successor to DVD boils down to one simple truth: Blu-ray technology is just better. It was created as a new format with plenty of room ready to serve movies, music, gaming and computing - and sometimes all four at once. Having nearly 70 per cent more capacity on a Blu-ray disc, compared to a HD DVD disc, makes Blu-ray 'future proof' and allows for unbridled creativity as new interactive features evolve."

One more - David Bishop, worldwide president, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:

"The extremely strong performance of Blu-ray in Europe in a relatively short period of time is no surprise and clearly demonstrates that consumers are embracing Blu-ray as the high definition format of choice. As in the United States, Blu-ray continuously outsells HD DVD by a ratio of more than more than two to one, and 3:1 since the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Europe. Consumer spending is sending an obvious message and this growing sales margin leaves little doubt that Blu-ray is on-track to ultimately win this format war worldwide."