One For All has introduced the new "Stealth" range of "stylish and innovative" universal remote controls.

The Digital range from One For All comprises of three different remotes that promise to replace the innumerable ones you have dotted around our living space.

For the home entertainment enthusiast, there is the OFA Digital 12 (URC7781) remote. It can control up to 12 different appliances and features an LCD screen with simple commands and with backlit keys.

This model also comes with light control capabilities giving full control of the lights in your house, if you're all smart-homed up.

To control your TV, Digital Satellite, Cable or Freeview box with one remote, the OFA digital 2 (URC7525) is slim and streamlined and includes a digifunction which gives you instant and complete control of all digital set top box functions.

The OFA Digital 5 (URC7556) controls your Amp, VCR, TV, DVD and Satellite with the touch of a button.

The "Stealth" range from One For All will be available from mid to late November in major stockists including Currys, Currys Digital, Comet, John Lewis, Maplin, and in Argos from January.

The Digital 12 (URC7781) retails at £39.99, the Digital 2 (URC7525) retails at £14.99, and the Digital 5 (URC7556) at £24.99.

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