Perfect for technophobes, and those with a fear of those high-tech universal remotes that look like they could control the channel choice at the Mir space station, the new "Zapper" remote is ultra-simple.

From Universal Electronics' "One For All" range, it has all the basic remote control functions for the TV and fits "comfortably and naturally" into the palm of your hand.

The seven keys keep to the basics allowing consumers to simply switch their TV on and off, change channels, mute and adjust the volume.

The new Zapper is also one of the first remote controls that will operate with the energy saving AAAA batteries (included), which makes it especially lightweight.

It is apparently "incredibly" easy to set up and will work with most TVs thanks to the One For All code library.

The One For All Zapper is available in pink and black from this month, for £9.99.

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