20th Century Fox Home Entertainment said it will be the first studio to offer a Blu-ray title with picture-in-picture interactivity, with the January release of sci-fi thriller "Sunshine".

The Sunshine filmmakers will talk about the making of the film in a separate video stream that runs concurrently with the movie.

Sound good? Most Blu-ray players currently do not support picture-in-picture features, including the PlayStation 3.

Fox VP Steve Feldstein said that in the coming months several Blu-ray players will be available that support the functionality: "There will be players in the market".

Manufacturers, including Sony, are thought to be working on firmware updates to address the issue.

The Blu-ray Disc Association has said that all hardware to be launched after October 31st must be able to play back picture-in-picture video, as driven by BD Java interactive technology.

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