Sanyo has announced the launch of a full HD (1920 x 1080) home cinema projector, model PLV-Z2000.

Featuring new 3D colour management, a high resolution and high contrast ratio of 15,000:1, what they claim is the industry's most advanced lens shifting function, and the industry's most silent fan system.

The new "3D Colour Management" promises rich colour depth. In order to process operations for primary colours which are usually difficult to control, the Z2000 offers an increase of 1100 times better colour management ability (approximately 2160 hundreds of thousands of combinations) when compared to traditional models, and the projector displays full HD with rich colour reproduction.

The PLV-Z2000 also has a built-in lens shifting function that allows the wide-range shifting up or down up to three screen sizes, and left to right up to two screen sizes. The projector also has a built in 2x zoom enabling large projection from living rooms to smaller rooms.

The PLV-Z2000 is equipped with built-in newly developed large aperture, low noise Sirocco cooling fan, that not only reaches the low noise level of 19 decibels, but has also been improved to effectively cool the inside of the
projector unit.

The PLV-Z2000 will be on sale in the UK from November 2007, pricing to be confirmed.

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