Genius has launched the Remote 815, a multi-function remote control.

Described as a "high-end luxury device" for people who want to de-clutter their living space, this will replace all user's remotes with one sleek universal controller.

An 8-in-1 infrared universal remote control for home audio visual equipment, the 815 combines an LCD touchscreen with real buttons for frequently used functions.

Genius claim that with its learning and macro capabilities even the most complex start-up and configuration sequences can be reduced to the press of one button.

The macro function allows a sequence of up to 60 commands to be assigned to one key while the device offers seven colours of backlighting to help distinguish between devices.

User can set the remote up either via pre-programmed codes or by direct IR learning from existing remotes and flash memory preserves settings when batteries run out, so all your set-up hard work won't be lost.

The Remote 815 is available for for £69.99.

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