A spokesperson for Steven Spielberg has moved quickly to quash rumours, started by Universal Studios Japan, that several Spielberg classic were to be released on HD DVD format.

An HD DVD presentation given at the CEATAC event in Japan last week showed a slide with "Jaws", "E.T." and "Jurassic Park" as if the titles were perhaps due an HD DVD release.

As High Def Digest points out, back in February the HD DVD Promotions Group pulled a similar stunt, and were forced to make a public apology, after listing Spielberg titles as coming soon on the format.

When the Paramount/DreamWorks HD DVD exclusivity was announced, the official release made it clear that Spielberg's DreamWorks films would be exempt.

Although Spielberg has claimed he is "big supporter of Blu-ray" his only title due for launch on Blu-ray is "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" due before Christmas.

In a statement to Blu-ray.com, a Spielberg spokesperson said: "There are no plans to release these titles on HD DVD. It was a mistake and someone inadvertently put those titles into a presentation".

Universal will apparently be making a public statement regarding this mistake in the coming days.

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