If you like to kick back and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home, then these new seating options would make the experience very comfortable indeed.

These luxurious seats are available in a three seater version or a single seater version in black leather or red microfibre, although other colours can be specially ordered.

Each seat comes with a beverage cooler/warmer, motorised wall-a-way incliner, spring cell core, storage box, anti slip footrest and massage system.

The massage system features ten different vibrators with three programme settings as well as lumbar heating capabilities.

In fact the only down side is the pricing - £975 for a single chair, £2000 for the three-seater in microfibre finish and £2495 for leather.

Ouch. Maybe the range should be called "Oscar winner's" seating, as you'll need a whole pile o' money to splash out for these.