Most flat TVs have tiny speakers so you don't always get sound to match the picture, so in steps Boston Acoustics TVee with the claim of delivering TV sound "on steroids".

TVee consists of one powered Stereo SoundBar, wired to the screen with a single cable, plus a wireless subwoofer that can go anywhere.

The TVee Two concentrates on pure stereo rather than attempting to simulate surround sound, so the claim is that it delivers "superb" sound, with a total system output of over 100 Watts rms, at a "sensible" price and is simple and easy to set up.

To set it up you just need to plug a single wire from the SoundBar into a TV's line-level output and then because the woofer is wireless, it can be placed virtually anywhere.

The TVee system features a special "Learning Function" which learns a user's existing TV remote to control TVee's volume and mute commands, so you don't need to fuss around with a separate remote control.

The TVee can be used with all models of TV, can be wall mounted and comes with optional extra coloured cloth grilles to personalise to your taste/decor.

The SoundBar is £350, and the coloured grilled are around £45 each. Available now.