Sling Media has launched two new Slingboxs in the UK today; The Slingbox PRO and the Slingbox SOLO.

The new devices, which allow you to watch and control their home cable, satellite or digital video recorder (DVR) anywhere they can access the Internet will come with improved streaming capabilities up to 8Mbps, support for widescreen playback, accept inputs from high definition set top boxes, and include a Freeview decoder as standard.

The Slingbox PRO announced today is a UK version of the American product launched at the tail-end of 2006 in the US.

The Slingbox PRO includes four distinct A/V inputs, each with audio: Aerial, S-Video and composite video inputs and outputs as well as an HD component connection for HD set top box customers via the included HD Connect cable.

Designed especially for the UK market, the Slingbox PRO features an integrated PAL analogue/digital tuner with DVB-T support that gives customers access to Freeview programming from their aerial connection.

The SOLO, which is launching simultaneously in the UK and US will replace the original model, and gives customers the ability to connect one A/V device via a component, S-Video, or composite connection and also features integrated outputs for each as well.

According to Sling Media, "this product is targeted at the consumer with a standard or high definition set top box or DVR in their home rather than the home cinema enthusiast".

The Slingbox PRO will retail for £199.99, while the Slingbox SOLO will retail for £129.99.