Sharp is to launch two new AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Recorders in Japan.

The new AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Recorders will let users record to the hard drives and then copy material over to BD-RE or BD-R discs with no loss of quality.

The BD-HDW20 features a 1 terabyte capacity hard drive, making it the the industry's largest, while the BD-HDW15 will hit the market with a 500GB hard drive.

The BD-HDW20 will boast two digital tuners for recording and watching TV and offer all the usual HD sound support, while the BD-HDW15 will have just the one tuner.

Not much else is known about these new players yet, other than they will come equipped with AQUOS Fami-Link for easy HDMI hook-up with other AQUOS-flavoured kit.

Here in Europe we're still waiting for the launch of the BD-HP20S, the first Blu-ray player from Sharp to get a release outside of Japan, so we wouldn't expect to see these models any time soon.

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