Cambridge-based Screen Technology has unveiled an rather impressive 200-inch diagonal screen aimed at the advertising and display industry.

Built using 24 ITrans Modules, the 200-inch screen is viewable in sunlight, it has full video quality and can be used for a variety of applications.

ITrans Modular technology works by using a 34-inch diagonal cube made from 4 ITrans tiles which can then be stacked together to make displays in a variety of sizes and shapes, vertical or horizontal.

The ITrans technology claims to offer more than ten times the resolution of comparably priced LED alternatives.

CEO of Screen Technology, Tom Jarman, said: "Never before has a screen which is sunlight readable, viewable near or far and available in such large, or small, sizes been available".

"We see a huge market for this breakthrough technology, especially as all industries continue to demand more from digital signage."