Pioneer has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Kuro flat screen plasmas on display on its stand at IFA 2007, in Berlin Germany will be coming to the UK this month.

The new models will support 1080p picture resolution rather than just 720p as on previous models as well as support the much talked about (well within the industry) 24p picture frame rate mode. For those not in the know, 24p means that the 24 frames per second as the film was shot, stored, mastered and screened at the cinema rather than 26 frames which is normally the case.

The Full-HD TVs, part of Pioneer’s Kuro line-up, will include two 60-inch models and two 50-inch models.

Last week Pioneer’s 50-inch Full-HD Kuro, the PDP-LX508D, was awarded Europe’s best Full-HD plasma TV by the European Image and Sound Association (EISA), by a jury of editors from 50 of Europe's top consumer electronics magazines.

Why Kuro? The name means black in Japanese and it's so called because its one of the key features of the range. Pioneer say the performance of the model is up to 80% deeper than other flat-screen TVs on the market.

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