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(Pocket-lint) - JVC launched two new 3.1 front surround sound DVD digital cinema systems at IFA 2007 - the TH-U1 and TH-D51.

JVC claims that 3.1 front surround sound offers "ambience and thrills" far above the standard 2.1-channel front surround systems.

In both systems, apparently the front surround sound and the centre speaker contribute to superior localisation, as well as clear dialogue with the sound spread much wider than conventional 2.1-channel front surround layout.

The independent left and right speakers are free of interference, boasting clean, high quality sound delivery.

The centre speaker creates virtual surround left and right channels, which apparently gives a surround effect without the need for rear speakers - or associated wires.

The TH-U1 set up consists of a slim centre unit with DVD, a wide and slim centre surround speaker, slim front speakers that can be wall-mounted, and a 16cm subwoofer.

The TH-U1 features the USB Host function, for music, video, and photo files from digital audio players or other USB Mass Storage devices.

The system can play DVD-Video, MPEG4, and DivX files burned on high-capacity DVD discs.

The TH-U1 is a DivX "Ultra Certified" product, so can display interactive video menus, multi-language subtitles, alternate audio tracks, video tags, and chapter points just like DVDs.

The TH-D51 set up offers a centre unit with DVD and powerful 810 amplifier, a wide and slim centre surround speaker, slim front speakers, and a 16cm subwoofer.

It also features USB Host function and DivX Ultra playback as well as an HDMI terminal with 1080i and 720p playback, and connection for iPod via the included docking station.

The iPod connectivity extends to the ability to control the music player from the system’s remote control and it will charge it too.

Pricing and availability for both systems to be confirmed.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott. Originally published on 2 September 2007.