Struggling UK Home Entertainment manufacturer Evesham Technology has launched the Sound Stage X2, a new and improved version of its Sound Stage X1.

The Sound Stage X2 and its predecessor are TV Stands with built-in Home Theatre Sound Systems, ready to accommodate any flat-panel or big screen TV.

The built-in audio system is pre-wired and ready to use straight out of the box with just the need to connect one connection directly to any DVD Player, Games Console or TV.

The SSX2 also features an MP3 player input so you can also enjoy and control all of your favourite music via a unique and innovative sound system.

Speaker wise you get two 30W subwoofers, one 20W centre speaker and four 15W surround speakers.

The unit adds a LCD screen in the centre of the SSX2 that displays the SSX2’s graphics equaliser and the current sound output of the speaker system.

The Sound Stage X2 is available now priced at £299.99.

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