Keep the dial firmly tuned to if you're interested in finding out more about Sharp's Full-HD LCD television line-up that will include the world’s largest LCD TV at a monster 108-inches.

All will be revealed at this year's IFA event, which will be attending and where will be bring you breaking news from the show floor.

To be unveiled will be three next generation television ranges from Sharp that all incorporate Full-HD technology and a built-in digital tuner.

Sharp will also be presenting the new BD-HP20S AQUOS Blu-ray player as part of its home entertainment range.

Mike Gabriel, head of marketing and communications for Sharp UK says; "By 2015, we predict that the average size of an LCD TV in a European home will be 60 inches".

"We are already seeing a trend towards bigger screen sizes in the trade and we expect this trend to continue into the mainstream market: people are expecting more size for their money."

"This is why Sharp is looking at a strategy involving LCD screen sizes of 42-inches and above."

The HD1 AQUOS series will be Sharp's new flagship range designed to deliver pure home cinema entertainment, and cater for the increasing trend towards large HD TVs.

As such, the HD1 comes equipped with a built-in 160GB hard disc drive, RGB Plus II, an advanced contrast ratio of 15,000:1 and a panel contrast of 3000:1.

The HD1 is also fitted with a USB port, so digital photos can now be viewed in high-def and will offer screen sizes of 46-inch and 52-inch offering Full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p.

The XL2 AQUOS series includes 3 x HDMI interfaces and 100-hertz technology.

These "true HD" features remove the smear effect or jerkiness on a screen with rapid movement while the four-wavelength background lighting (RGB plus) ensures excellent representation of colours.

The style conscious XL2 AQUOS series will be available in 42-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch models.

The X20 AQUOS Series has built-in de-juddering software, an SRS sound system, powered by a digital amplifier and two in-built 15 Watt speakers.

The X20 AQUOS series will be available in 42-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch models.

We will bring you lots more info and images from IFA 2007 at the end of the month...