Blu-Ray movies have outsold films on the rival high-def format HD DVD by more than twice as much in America this year, says a new study by Home Media Research Magazine.

The report states around 1.6 million copies of Blu-ray movies sold between the start of the year and July 1st, with HD DVD only reaching 795,000.

The film "300" from Warner Bros, an adaption of a Frank Miller graphic novel, has been released on both formats, so can be seen as microcosm test for the format war.

Although "300" is the number one best seller on both the Blu-ray Disc and the HD DVD charts, it's on the Blu-ray format that it's shifting the most copies.

Despite a huge marketing campaign from the HD DVD camp, and the fact that the HD DVD version has more extras, the Blu-ray version has dominated sales.

According to Home Media Magazine, the Blu-ray version of 300 outsold the HD DVD version by a ratio of nearly 2 to 1.

The film has become the fastest-selling high-def disc, selling 250,000 copies in 1 week across both formats.

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