Iogear’s HDMI switch promises a cleaner and simpler home entertainment set-up by eliminating cable clutter.

Iogear’s HDMI switch connects your HDTV to your source devices with a single HDMI cable, getting rid of wire spaghetti from connecting each single source device directly to your HDTV.

Instead, this lets you simply connect your HDTV using a single HDMI cable to the switch which hooks up all your source devices such as your DVD player, video game console, AV receiver, media servers, etc. All your source devices will then connect into the switch.

Iogear’s patented HDAS automatic switching technology will then automatically switch to the device that's turned on which eliminates the need for a dedicated remote for the switch.

It seems simple – just turn on the device that you want viewed on your HDTV using a Universal remote or source remote.

If you want to switch over to another source device, simply use the Universal remote or source remote to power on the desired device.

In addition, since all the source devices will be connected to a single HDMI connection on the HDTV via the switch it means you won't have to switch along the AV inputs to select your device.

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