Tartan Video has announced the release of its first high definition titles. Choosing the go with the Sony-backed Blu-ray format, it's releasing three classic movies.

Tartan Video’s owner Hamish McAlpine, says, "To go with Blu-ray was a no-brainer for Tartan. Not only is the format superior to HD DVD, but also the fact that 7 out of 8 studios have chosen to release their films on Blu-ray means that this so-called ‘format war’ is over before it has really begun."

Particularly topical following the sad news of director Ingmar Bergman's death, one of the three films will be a special 50th Anniversary edition of existential gloom-fest The Seventh Seal.

Paul Verhoeven’s excellent world war II epic, Black Book, also sees a BD release as does cult revenge thriller, Oldboy which is also released by Tartan US. All three releases are worldwide Blu-ray premieres.

In an interesting move, Tartan Video’s Blu-ray releases will be packaged with the DVD edition of each film to allow consumers who have yet to invest in Blu-ray technology the opportunity to enjoy the films on existing players at no additional cost as they invest for the future.

All three UK titles will retail at £29.99 each and Tartan Video has no plans to release any films on the HD DVD format.

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