Following the news story we ran yesterday stating that American retail chain Target has decided to only sell standalone Blu-ray players in store, the HD DVD Group got in touch.

They informed us that despite what we'd reported, the facts of the matter are that Target are only going to be selling standalone Blu-ray players in store.

Confused? Here's the official statement from Ken Graffeo, exec VP of statements, to calm your brain:

"Target will continue to carry the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive as well as HD DVD titles so we don't see much of a change in their plans to carry both formats."

"In fact, they continue to sell Toshiba HD DVD players on their website. Sony appears to have bought an end cap, just as HD DVD has in retail stores such as BestBuy and Circuit City."

"Ultimately consumers will be the ones that determine what format provides the greatest value".

Indeed they will, Ken, indeed they will...