According to reports, a group of thieves in Seattle made an interesting statement in battle for the high-def living room waging between Sony and Toshiba.

Given the choice over which format to steal on a recent raid of a DVD store in the US, the band of thieves stole 200 Blu-ray discs but left the HD DVD discs in the store untouched.

"They basically took our whole Blu-ray section", Mike Batt, a vice president for Silver Platters, a Seattle-based retailer, which carries movies and music told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. "Genre didn't matter to them."

The format war, which is embattled in a tit for tat statistics shoot out at the moment has struggled to gain momentum with consumers both in the US and the UK worried that they will back the wrong format.

Perhaps this move will convince more people to go for Blu-ray;

"They seemed to know what they wanted", Batt told the newspaper.

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