Showing that not all they do has to be animal-shaped or novelty, HANNspree has launched a new XV range of affordable LCD televisions.

The "extreme" value range is a budget offering from the German firm, aimed at those who want an LCD but are more concerned about cost than state-of-the-art features.

The new range accepts 1080i and 720p broadcasts and can display the picture in a 720p resolution.

Each XV LCD TV has 8ms response time, a viewing angle of 176 degrees, two scart points and, good for this price point, two HDMI ports.

2x 10 watt stereo speakers take care of the sound side of things, contrast ratio is only 1200:1 while brightness comes in at a low 500cd/m2.

With no built in tuner, the XV range is angled as suitable to partner with existing devices such as Sky/Freeview boxes, media centres and PVRs that already include DVB-T technology.

The new HANNspree XV range of TVs are available as a 32-inch model, which is £359 (although a quick check on the site below shows the current price as only £299).

The other size in the range is a 37-incher, which is £499, both are available to buy now, link below.

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